Sugar Gliders as Pets

Sugar gliders make great pets. Not only are the exotic-making them the envy of other pet owners – they are also very social. Sugar gliders are known to bond very well with their owners, and you will very often find the sugar gliders comfortably squeezed in an owners pocket or bonding pouch.

But what are these sugar glitters anyway, and why do they make great pets. Here are a few facts on the sugar glider that should turn the few heads towards their way.

The sugar glider: cute, exotic, friendly
Sugar gliders are marsupials. When they are born, they stay in the pouch of their mothers since they are still very immature and unready to go out on their own. They have pantagium, or a membrane that stretches from their ankles up to their wrists. This acts as their gliders, helping them swoop from tree branch to tree branch.

These pantagium, are furry and flexible, allowing the sugar glider movement like normal marsupials. Also they have opposing thumbs which they use to grab on to trunks and branches. Their other fingers are used for grooming.

Sugar gliders are found in Australia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. In all, they measure 12 inches from head to tail. Their bodies measures 6 inches, while their tails measure another 6 inches. They only weigh about 5 ounces, or 150 g. In captivity, they can live from 10 years to 15 years depending on how they are cared for.

They are nocturnal, so you’ll find them sleeping throughout the day. If you carry them along with you often, they will be snug and comfortable in your pocket.

Sugar gliders are very social animals. So you always have to give them constant attention, and groom them often. If you aren’t able to take care of them constantly, you may want to consider bringing in another sugar glider to keep them company. However, it is hard to introduce adult sugar gliders, so it is better if you purchase them in pairs.

You can, however, keep them single just as long as you give them constant attention. Make sure that if you do purchase them in pairs, you keep them of the same-sex or they could procreate uncontrollably. You could also give them partners that are of different sexes, just as long as they are neutered.

As mentioned earlier, sugar gliders make great pets because they bond closely with their owners. They are very loyal and will stick with you as often as possible.